Wrath v0.1.0

Posted on Tuesday, 7th June 2011


  • Changed default online player controls to same as player 1. Reset everyone’s settings to default.
  • Collects game-play statistics locally (for achievements).
  • Added achievements and unlocks system.
  • Added some more sound effects (but nowhere near enough).
  • Can’t pick up creatures that can hurt you, or the other player, unless they are knocked down first.
  • Knocked back when hit by a monster, rather than taking damage-over time (fire still burns slowly, however).
  • Gods love certain sacrifices at any given time, which will net greatly increased favour.
  • Favour of object currently carried is indicated next to favour bars.
  • Can set sound volume and window size in options (sorry, no full-screen mode yet).
  • Added 2 new playable priests.
  • Added creature spawning (how could I not have put it in yet?) and reduced favour value of most objects.
  • Containers, such as chests, spawn items if left empty.
  • Added level under the sea.
  • Added level in a tech facility (AI are gods, aren’t they?).
  • Added level in a desert (reused lighting storm disaster effect, though, until unique one created)
  • Added level on a moon with radioactive meteors.
  • Network stats overlay (Ctrl-N).
  • Poison/growth status effects are not properly synchronised in network play.
  • Countless other things I forgot to write down.


  • Possible to juggle (continually pick up and throw) the other player, so they never get to act.
  • Possible to get killed by being continually hit into a wall.
  • Enemies don’t care if they are getting killed in lava, etc.
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