Alpha Channel v1.4.0

Posted on Thursday, 22nd December 2011

Alpha Channel v1.4.0 icon


  • Settings and high scores now stored in ~/.alpha_channel_spooner
  • Added Easy/Normal/Hard difficulties (‘Normal’ is a bit easier than previous; ‘Hard’ is a bit harder)
  • Top 20 global scores are recorded and can be viewed ingame and online:
  • Top 20 of your own scores, ignoring global scores, are stored locally (so you don’t have to compete with people with reflexes).
  • Pixel glow shrinks as a pixel is wounded, as well as some other minor tweaks.
  • Made the game entirely independent of frames per second, so it can be played on older hardware.
  • Fixed: Mistyped filename meant previous version wouldn’t work on Linux :(
  • Fixed: Physics messy when window is dragged while playing.


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