Hoops v1.0.0

Posted on Thursday, 15th December 2011

Hoops v1.0.0 icon


  • All releases now include source code.
  • Added Windows INSTALLER.
  • Stopped spitting out more than one hoop at once, since there is a good chance that the keyboard can’t read two keys at once.
  • Added menu on game-over, so you can go replay the same game or go back to menu or quit.
  • Added one-player mode to allow player to control either dancer (previously only 2-player mode was available).
  • Reduced font size so that it is easier to use the GUI.
  • Removed beeps when you play correctly (still get buzz when you fail).
  • Fixed occasional graphical glitches.
  • OSX package now runs on OS X 10.5 or later.
  • Linux version now works with Ruby 1.9.3
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