Zed and Ginger v0.4.0

Posted on Friday, 9th December 2011


  • Stopped lasers from moving, since they forced the player to stop and destroyed the flow of the game. Now you can jump over low beams and walk under high beams.
  • Added glue on the floor (prevents jumping).
  • Added hyper-speed pill (increases run-speed, but forces you to run as fast as you can).
  • Hover-board now imposes a minimum speed.
  • Added venus fly traps.
  • Added 5th level (The Garden).
  • More clearly showed keyboard shortcuts for buttons by highlighting the key required (shortcuts have always been there, but most people didn’t think of using them).
  • Added tool-tips.
  • Reduced speed of the really fast camera panning when you die.
  • Merged high-scores for each level (get bonus for inversion/hardcore, rather than storing separate scores).
  • Added 100 online high scores for each level.
  • Fixed: Player can move at a different speed to the animation of the conveyor it is moving on.
  • Fixed: Time remaining added to score after death in Hardcore mode.
  • Fixed: Time remaining added at much too great a rate after completion of a course.


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