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Updated Thursday, 22nd December 2011

v1.4.0 (Complete)

Alpha Channel is a single-player game which has stylised 2D graphics and a retro soundtrack, reminiscent of the style of Tron.


As the last of the Blue Pixels, take direct control of your enemies in order to destroy them before they obliterate you. Prevail against the hordes of malignant Red Pixels and 5 differently coloured boss Pixels so that you can return to your endless musing on the nature of the Great Electron Gun!

The original version was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #18, but was relatively basic. The competition theme was “Enemies as Weapons”, which became the central mechanic of the game.

Competition entry

An extended version was created after the competition (adding boss fights and improved physics and visuals).

Latest version

High scores



v1.1 Ludum Dare entry


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