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Updated Friday, 4th November 2011

v0.1.9 (Beta)

Fidgit is a GUI toolkit built on Gosu/Chingu for Ruby. It uses a system of hierarchical packing containers to hold relatively advanced controls, such as scrolling windows and file dialogs.


  • Advanced controls, such as scrolling windows with automatic scroll-bars.
  • TextArea which handles multi-line input also is compatible with the system clipboard (cut/copy/paste).


Fidgit requires Ruby 1.9.2 or higher and will only work when coupled with the Gosu and Chingu gems. It is cross-platform and should work on any type of PC (Windows, Linux, OS X). To install:

> gem install fidgit

Examples of applications using Fidgit

Fidgit is used to build a nice user interface in several of my games: Hoops, Smash and Grab and Wrath.