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Updated Monday, 17th May 2010

v0.2.0 (Complete)

A flip-book editing/viewing tool for Sleep Is Death


Key usage

  • Merging of flip-books, when a game has been stopped and started, due to an intentional or accidental disconnection.
  • Removal of dead frames generated while ‘pausing’ the game (e.g. taking a quick loo break while leaving the game running).
  • Viewing flip-books in continual slide-show mode.

Editing a flip-book



  • View individual frames, with thumbnails for easy navigation.

  • Start/previous/next/end navigation.

  • Play/pause flip-books.


  • Merge existing flip-books (makes playing games with breaks/pauses a lot more manageable, believe me!).

  • Delete frames (individual, by range or all identical).

  • Save edited flip-book in format identical to that created by the game. This also allows the re-creation of flip-books with new formats, by altering your templates folder.